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Achieving a better RadiantRed™ with TriGain® Phosphor

Creating that narrow red band reliably is where GE's TriGain® phosphor marks a significant breakthrough in phosphor technology versus other commercially available KSF/PFS phosphors.

  • Reliable

    GE’s TriGain® delivers high absorption with improved reliability compared with standard PFS phosphor.

  • Customizable

    TriGain® phosphors are available in a variety of grades and particle sizes and can be customized for LED packaging and performance needs.
  • Accessible

    Grounded in GE's expertise and capability in material science, TriGain® phosphors are manufactured in mass production through GE's proprietary processes at a US-based GE facility.

TriGain® Technology: When Reliability Matters

TriGain® Phosphor Reliability

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The TriGain® family of phosphors offers narrow red band performance at high absorption and improved reliability vs typical PFS phosphor.

"Many devices currently on the market offer lower-quality red components in LED—what GE has achieved technically will turn the tide toward more vibrant color in a range of consumer electronics."

Jerry Duffy Global Product General Manager, Current powered by GE.


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  • TriGain® Technology Specifications

    GE’s potassium fluorosilicate Mn4+ (PFS) Phosphor for Display

  • GE manufactures PFS red phosphor for LED display backlight applications

    The PFS technology enables LCD-based TVs, monitors, and mobile devices to product richer reds with truer color control.

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