GE’s New Red Phosphor Technology Unlocks Wide Color Gamut for LED-Backlit LCD Screens

Red tulips shown on an LCD screen enhanced by GE's RadiantRed™ Technology.

GE has unlocked the wide color gamut potential for mobile phones, tablets, PCs and TVs with its RadiantRed™ Technology, delivering greater overall color and the truest red color available in LED-backlit LCD displays. The technology offers manufacturers the ability to create the brightest, most colorful LED HD displays available for a wide range of devices, including the next generation of mobile devices and high dynamic range (HDR) TVs.

RadiantRed™ Technology uses potassium fluorosilicate Mn4+ (PFS) phosphors to provide the most narrow red band performance available in LED backlights for richer picture quality than standard displays. This dramatic improvement provides greater overall color, enhanced red saturation, and better contrast for all manner of LED-backlit displays.

"Achieving the perfect red has been a challenge for LED display manufacturers, which often have to compromise between screen brightness and appearance, while settling for reds that appear slightly orange or dim. GE's patented RadiantRed Technology eliminates that compromise by offering the most vivid red available, as well as a wide gamut of clearer colors, to enhance picture quality," said Lisa Ward, PFS Business Leader at Current, powered by GE. "With over 50 years of experience in developing and advancing phosphor materials, GE has found a way to unlock brighter, true-to-life color via technology that can be efficiently integrated into typical LED packages."

Offering a ubiquitous, open architecture, RadiantRed Technology is an on-chip solution that integrates seamlessly without alterations for a simple one-for-one replacement in LCD displays. Currently, over a dozen LED suppliers offer this on-chip technology for phosphor-converted LEDs under license from GE. These LEDs are considered a highly cost-effective solution for wide color gamut LCD displays. In addition, the technology is RoHS compliant and cadmium free.

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