Unlock True-to-Life Colors.

Introducing RadiantRed™ Technology from GE

What is RadiantRed™ Technology?

Whether we’re looking at a beautiful photo on our phone or watching a blockbuster movie on the couch, display screens have the power to transport us to other worlds. It’s no wonder that desire for televisions and devices with ultimate picture clarity and wide color gamut is greater than ever. GE has innovated RadiantRed™ Technology to unlock true-to-life colors and the truest red available in LCD displays without compromise – and it’s available today.

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Red is the Key

RadiantRed™ Technology Provides vivid red for WCG in HD, 4K- and 8K-UHD, HDR, and more. Perfectly positioned for Rec 2020 color space.

Drag the slider in the above image to experience the difference Radiant Red can make.

Simply Brilliant

Narrow red band enables devices to meet brightness and color gamut requirements; Phones and tablets can efficiently reproduce vivid red color without draining the battery –compared to a standard display.

Drag the slider in the above image to experience the difference Radiant Red can make.

Unlock True Colors

Power neutral enhanced color, better contrast, and brighter screen than standard LED backlights.

RadiantRed™ Technology is currently available from over 15 LED manufacturers including a growing list of announced licensees.

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  • Unlock True-to-Life Colors, Introducing RadiantRed™ Technology from GE.

    RadiantRed™ Technology uses potassium fluorosilicate Mn4+ (PFS) to produce the richest, most vibrant red color available on an LED. This highly saturated red generates enhanced color and overall better contrast in LED-backlit displays – all without sacrificing brightness or efficiency.

  • Color Without Compromise.

    Achieve a better RadiantRed with TriGain™ Phosphor. Creating that narrow red band reliably is where GE's TriGain phosphor marks a significant breakthrough in phosphor technology versus other commercially available PFS phosphors.

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